Council on Elder Affairs

The purpose of the Council shall be to encourage and promote the quality of life of the older adults in the community by developing programs designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the aging in the community and to ensure that the programs are properly administered.  The Board authorizes the Director of Elder Affairs to seek grants and funds from private and public sources, and administer all programs designed to meet the needs of the older population. The Council on Elder Affairs Board of Directors shall manage the business and affairs of the council and evaluate and make recommendations to the Director of Elder Affairs.

Board Members
Jaimie Santos, Chair
Robert Mullaly, Vice-Chair
Nino Bongiovanni, Member
Jean Chapman, Member
Gerald DeStefano, Member
Irene Malachowski, Member
Antonio Ortega, Member
Rebecca Swope, Member
Greg Walczak, Member

Staff Contacts
If a resident has any inquiries for the Council of Elder Affairs, please reach out to the staff contact listed below.
Tracy Nowicki

Additional Information
Agendas & Minutes