parkHow do I get a City Tree trimmed or removed?

The City Tree Warden will look at any tree that is requested to be removed. If the Tree Warden deems that a hazard exists, the tree will be removed as soon as possible. If the tree is not a hazard, a Public Hearing needs to be held by the Chelsea Tree Board. The Tree Warden will make the decision whether removal of the tree is warranted and schedules the Public Hearing. The tree will be posted for the Public Hearing, as long as there is no objection by anyone at the Public Hearing the tree can be removed. Trimming of large trees and branches near electrical wires are trimmed or removed by the City’s contractor. Smaller trees are trimmed by City DPW forces on a first come first served basis with priority of need for public safety purposes.

Submit your request to City of Chelsea 311 Services.