About Our City

The City of Chelsea, Massachusetts is located in Suffolk County directly across the Mystic River from the City of Boston. Chelsea was first settled in 1624, established itself as a town in 1739 and was incorporated as a city in 1857. 


The City provides general governmental services for the territory within its boundaries, including police and fire protection, trash collection and disposal, public education (pre-kindergarten through grade twelve), water and sewer services, parks and recreation, health and social services, libraries/culture and maintenance of streets and highways. The principal services provided by Suffolk County are space for courts, a jail, a house of correction, and a registry of deeds. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority provides commuter rail service and bus coverage throughout the City with connections to the metropolitan Boston area. The Metropolitan District Commission maintains certain parks and highways. The Massachusetts Water Resource Authority provides water and sewerage disposal services to the City.


In August of 1995, the City implemented a new City Charter (the Charter), which vested policy and legislative authority in an eleven member City Council and placed strong executive and administrative powers in an appointed City Manager. The implementation of the new Charter followed four years after a State-appointed Receiver with broad administrative, fiscal and political authority administered the affairs of the City.

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