Construction Updates

Construction Site and Permit Tracker
This construction/Permit tracker represents all Active/current Street permits, including Street opening, Street occupancies and Lead pipe replacements. This tracker is updated on a weekly basis. You can also find a particular permit and its details in our Permit Database.

If you have additional questions or difficulty using this map tracker, please contact Public Works at 617-466-4200.


Infrastructure + Transportation

Quiet Zone Construction Update
Latest updates (as January 2024)

Chelsea DPW continues to move forward with our project to requalify for Quiet Zone status along the commuter rail corridor. The plans require significant review and approval by both local and federal agencies. 

The project includes two parts: the upgrades of the gates and lights at the intersections as well as improvements to the software that controls how the trains and the signals communicate with each other. 

For example, the new safety features will automatically make a train slow down and stop if a vehicle is detected stuck on the tracks. 

We hope to receive approval to begin work on the intersections this spring. 

Unfortunately, the signal improvements are more technically complex and rely on other changes being made by the MBTA. The full Quiet Zone may not be complete for over a year. 

We know this is disappointing but the safety of drivers and pedestrians is critical and until these changes are approved and complete, the train horns are the best way to keep everyone safe. 
Structural Cleaning & Painting, Steel & Concrete Repairs on Tobin Bridge
The Tobin bridge is over 75 years old and has been painted over a number of times and that old paint has become brittle. MassDOT has been working in the area for the past several months and vacuuming up paint chips that have fallen from the bridge. The paint chips are then being disposed of offsite in accordance with environmental regulations.

Chelsea Paint Chip Clean-up Schedule (4/17/2024)

The paint chips from the Tobin are known to contain lead, which can cause serious health issues in children. Do not handle or ingest any paint chips and do not allow children to play with paint chips.

A Community hotline has been established (English & Spanish) for questions/concerns: 857-492-0221.

The paint chip cleanup is being followed by a $100 million-plus project to repair steel, remove old paint and repaint the bridge. Work includes:

  • Putting up temporary protective shielding/work platforms
  • Cleaning steel, removing old paint, and repainting
  • Making repairs to existing steel superstructure elements
Check the latest updates on the Construction Schedule on the city's Traffic Advisory page. 
E911 Building Renovation
The 911 Dispatch Center is a critical part of our public safety infrastructure, and the building has reached its usefulness and needs to be significantly renovated.

The total cost is $3.9M for design, construction, and temporary relocation of the staff. Fully funded with ARPA funding, this project represents a major investment in the City's Public Safety.

There will be a significant construction impact, particularly with parking in the City Hall lot. Construction is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2024.

Utility, Road, and Traffic Improvements

Willow Street / Watts Street / Central Avenue Utility, Road, and Traffic Improvements

The work consists of new water, sewage, and drainage utility installation and service connections on Central Avenue, Willow Street, Watts Street, and a small portion of Eastern Ave. Subsequently, sidewalks, roadways, and ramps will be rendered along the project limits. This project runs concurrently with the Innes Apartments Redevelopment Project

Project Components

  • Utility Work: Combined sewer separation, new gravity sewers, storm drains, and water main and service alterations.
  • Road Work: Full width pavement reclamation and overlay, reset granite curb, curb extensions, new concrete and bituminous sidewalks, pedestrian curb ramps, and driveway aprons, new traffic signal at Central Ave. / Willow St., street lighting, new pavement markings and signs, decorative crosswalk markings and new street trees.
For more information regarding this project, please contact:
  • Jorman Mota, City of Chelsea, Department of Public Works, Assistant City Engineer, (857) 206-4750
Upper Broadway Drainage and Surface Project

After completing the water and sewer improvements in 2022, the City of Chelsea is pleased to announce the Upper Broadway Drainage and Surface Project, an effort to improve the safety and operations of Broadway between City Hall Ave. and Route 16. Funded through a $11 million federal grant, the project will include the reconstruction of drainage, sidewalk, roadway, and traffic signal infrastructure.

Upper Broadway Project Limits
The project area extends down Broadway from Marlborough Street through Clinton Street to the Chelsea-Revere border. The projected completion date is April 2025. The State, through the Mass Department of Transportation (MassDOT), has hired Aqua Line Utility, a construction contractor, to carry out this work. Per federal requirements, MassDOT will administer the construction phase.

Existing issues such as bus stop spacing, insufficient rider amenities, narrow/congested sidewalks, accessibility challenges, and service delays will all be addressed during the construction. Project goals are improving intersection safety, reducing congestion, and enhancing pedestrian/bike/transit accommodations. 

Improvements include new sidewalks, bus stops, bike lanes, parking areas, and appropriate turning lanes at intersections. Signal technology and equipment upgrades will be installed at the four signalized intersections in the project area. New pavement will be installed, new/reset granite curbing will be featured, and ADA/AAB-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps will be featured. New signage and pavement markings will be included. Damaged or unhealthy trees along Broadway will be replaced with new native tree species. 

Community Meeting Presentation - April 11, 2023

Latest updates (as of June 13, 2024)
The sidewalk and roadway rehabilitation for the Upper Broadway corridor is underway; projected completion date is April 2025. Construction occurs Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM.

Work for the next two weeks: 
-Pave binder layer on Eleanor St to Eastern Ave, southbound.
-Start road reconstruction on the last segment from Stockton Ave to Revere line, northbound.
-Complete curbing and sidewalks on Crescent Ave to Cary Ave and begin curbing on Cary Ave to Parker St.
-Begin raising casting in anticipation of final paving, City Hall Ave to Cary Ave. 
-No construction work will be done the week of July 4th. 

For additional questions: Elias Pomales | Const. Manager/Project Engineer, 857.343.4250,

Downtown Broadway

Construction for the Downtown Broadway Utility Improvement Project has been rescheduled to begin on June 10, 2024. During the rest of June, July, and August, utility work will take place in the roadway on the block from Fourth St to Congress/3rd. Note that this schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

This work will take place from 7AM to 4PM daily, Monday thru Friday. On-street parking is prohibited during the times and dates posted on the construction signage distributed throughout work zone. We kindly ask that you do not park in these areas. One lane of travel will remain open on Broadway and sidewalks will remain accessible.

Some businesses will experience temporary water shutoffs during the first week. Properties will receive 48 hours’ notice prior to shutoff.

For questions, concerns, or to be added to an email list for project updates, please the contact City Hall at 617-466-4209 or More project information at

Open Space & Resiliency

Garden Cemetery
POSTED ON: OCTOBER 20, 2021 - 2:22PM

The cemetery, an important facet of the City's rich heritage, is a historic and cultural resource for the City, yet it has fallen into disrepair. Its original design represented a major step forward in the development of the modern cemetery design. Restoration has been historically deferred due to complexity and lack of resources. The 2018 master plan for the cemetery identified the components of a major rehabilitation project necessary to reopen the cemetery for public use and enjoyment. Restoration of this important historic asset will eventually enable public access to the cemetery. 

Latest updates (as March 30, 2022)

Garden Cemetery (Phase III)

After completing Phase II of the restoration program, the City, in consultation with its landscape architect, CBA Landscape Architects, is undertaking the design of Phase 3. Phase 3 entails the restoration of crypts, 100 grave stones, and interior pathways, coupled with tree planting and landscaping. Presently, the City's historic preservation consultant is finalizing the gravestone restoration plans, after the City expanded the number of grave stones subject to restoration. Subsequently, a construction contractor will be procured, with a targeted construction start date of Fall 2022. 

Chelsea Garden Cemetery Master Plan

Project Contact: Alex Train, Director, Chelsea Department of Housing & Community Development

(617) 466-4192
Forsyth Open Space & Historic Staircase Refurbishment
This project intends to enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the existing historic staircases and community open space in the Powder Horn Hill area while beautifying the neighborhood by improving these features.

The Project areas in focus are:

Historic Staircase Refurbishment (as of February 21, 2024)
Construction has been completed regarding the historic staircase at Franklin Avenue and Spruce Street, connecting Franklin Avenue to Lafayette Avenue, and the lighting was connected to power earlier this week. There are still a few outstanding pieces to finalize for the City to announce its full completion and remove the temporary fencing in the staircase area. 

Forsyth Project Park Update (as of February 21, 2024)
This Spring, the City is creating a new pocket park in the Forsyth neighborhood at the corner of Lafayette Ave & Sturgis St. The project will enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the existing community open space in the Powder Horn Hill area while beautifying the neighborhood as part of the ARPA-funded Strategies for the Open Space Community Investments. The City’s Contractor for this project is JJ Phelan Construction. 


Proposed Site Design

Construction work will start on Monday, March 4, with possible mobilization of equipment beginning on Friday, March 1. Construction hours will be from 7 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Bi-directional traffic around the construction site will be maintained at all times, and Police details will be present during construction hours. Pedestrian detours are expected to happen around the construction site. 

The first two weeks of the construction schedule will include: 

  • setting up a perimeter construction fence
  • a demo of the sidewalk and staircase
  • and excavating for retaining wall footings

For more information, please get in touch with Emily Granoff, Assistant Director of Housing & Community Development, at or Anna Bury, Senior Project Manager, at, or by calling 617-466-4180.

Bellingham Square Plaza Design
POSTED ON: OCTOBER 21, 2021 - 3:42PM
Latest updates (as March 31, 2022)

This quarter, the Department, in conjunction with La Colaborativa and GreenRoots, began the design and civic engagement process to comprehensively renew Bellingham Sq. plaza, in connection with the City's efforts around the Broadway Corridor. The City's landscape architect, Brown, Richardson, and Rowe composed a basemap, following the completion of the site survey.

As part of the City of Chelsea’s Redesign of Bellingham Square, students from Chelsea High School who are participating in La Colaborativa’s STEM program contributed a research project to aid the development of redesign proposals. The research project focused on five topic areas about Bellingham Square: History, Demographics, Businesses, Transportation and Safety. Within each project area, the team of students conducted their own research on the current functionality of Bellingham Square, and utilized existing data to support the report.

Additionally, a public visioning workshop, sensory walking tour, and discussions with abutters were held. Next quarter, the City will advance the schematic design process, culminating with the production of two schematic design options and cost estimates. The Dept. is planning to exhibit these design concepts at an upcoming community meeting later this spring.


Innes Redevelopment

On October 18 was the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Innes Redevelopment Project at 170 Central Ave. The City of Chelsea, in partnership with the Chelsea Housing Authority and the Joseph J. Corcoran Co., oversees this project which consists of 96 affordable public housing units, 40 middle-income units, and 194 market-rate units. In tandem with the housing redevelopment, the City is completing infrastructure improvements in the surrounding area.

Regular construction updates are available at

Residents that would like to receive the 60-day construction updates going forward are encouraged to sign up for the emails and/or paper postings by contacting or calling (781) 849-7111 to provide their contact information.

25 Sixth Street

25 Sixth Street offers 56 affordable apartments and six homes for sale in downtown Chelsea. The Neighborhood Developers is working with NEI General Contracting to create these new homes located just a few blocks from City Hall.

To stay up to date, visit the project webpage at

Veterans' Home in Chelsea
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has selected Pennrose to redevelop the Domiciliary Campus of the historic Veterans’ Home in Chelsea. The new development will include 220+ units of mixed-income affordable housing with 100% veterans’ preference and supportive services.

For further project updates, visit
170 Cottage St
The Neighborhood Developers is developing 66 affordable apartments, which will be a block from the Eastern Ave Silver Line station.