Our Community with City Manager Fidel Maltez

Watch the recording of the City Manager's Monthly segment 'Our Community' at the Chelsea Community Cable TV. In this video, our City Manager, Fidel Maltez, highlights the milestones of his first 30 days in the Executive Office.

Hello residents of Chelsea. Welcome to Our Community. My name is Fidel Maltez and I am humbled to serve as your City Manager. Today, I reflect on the first 30 days of this new administration. I am filled with hope and optimism on the future of Chelsea, and I continue to be inspired by all members of our community.

I first want to acknowledge the concerns of many of you regarding the recent violence in Chelsea. At this moment, we believe that these acts of violence were not random acts of violence, and that they are limited to a small but very active group in our neighborhoods.

Let me reassure you that our City, in collaboration with our Police Department and our Community Partners is working hard to address recent events. Most importantly, the City is working diligently on preventing them in the future.

I firmly believe that Chelsea has one of the best police departments in the Commonwealth. Chelsea police is deeply integrated in our community, and I am proud to report that over half of the members of the department are either women or people of color. Chelsea has a significant number of community based organizations that work so hard, everyday, on improving the lives of all of our residents. Our schools are working diligently to engage our Youth, and to provide spaces where our they can thrive.

We will continue hard to limit the instances of violence, and most importantly, we will work on ways to prevent them in the future by engaging our Youth.

With approval of the City Council, we created several new positions in the City Manager’s office. I am happy to report that we have hired for these positions. The first is our Director of Constituent Services, Bernabe Rodriguez. Bernabe will be in charge of responding to our residents, improving operations of our 311 system, and ensuring that we have a resident-focused government.

The next positions are our Deputy City Manager of Finance and our Deputy City Manager of Operations, Michael Mason and Devon Fields. Given the impending retirement of our current Deputy City Manager, Ned Keefe, these positions are critical to ensure continuity of government. The new Deputy City Manager of Finance will primarily oversee all finance related activities, and will ensure that Chelsea remains fiscally responsible. And the new Deputy City Manager of Operations will oversee several departments in City Hall including our Housing and Community Development department, which provides incredible support to our residents. I am excited about these talented new hires and about growing our executive team.

In the first 30 days, we also submitted the FY25-29 Capital Improvement Plan to the Chelsea City Council. The proposed total investment for FY25 is over $31 million, with a $12 million investment in surface enhancement and over $8 million investment in public space and parks. This year’s CIP will be also available in Spanish for the first time in the history of the 26 CIP cycles. We look forward to working together with the City Council to accomplish the goals of this newest Plan.

Over the next 30 days, my focus will be to be in the community and to listen to your concerns. In the month of February we have scheduled several Listening Sessions, including at Chelsea Senior Center, Chelsea Housing Authority, Chelsea High School, St. Luke’s Church and many others. Please attend these sessions and share your concerns and priorities with me and with our team. Your voice is important and it will shape our work for the City of Chelsea.

I will also work on refining our Core Values. Our values are centered on Responsiveness and Accountability. As a City, we will do our best to address all resident complaints. We will be accountable for our mistakes and we will work to continuously improve our operations. We will work on the economic vitality of our community, and improving the livability and quality of life of our residents. Our goal is to create a proactive government that plans for the future: Chelsea’s first City Manager had a mantra that we will live by: we plan the work, and then we work the plan.

I will report to our residents monthly, the progress on our 100 days action plan, and beyond. We will have a meeting with the City Council on February 12th to present and refine this action plan. We look forward to engaging with each of you this next month through our listening sessions. I will record monthly messages as part of the Our Community series. These will serve as updates on big initiatives, and to share critical news.

Your voice is vital to ensure our community keeps moving forward. See you next time on Our Community. Thank you and god bless the City of Chelsea.