Quiet Zone Construction Update

Chelsea DPW continues to move forward with our project to requalify for Quiet Zone status along the commuter rail corridor. The plans require significant review and approval by both local and federal agencies. 

The project includes two parts: the upgrades of the gates and lights at the intersections as well as improvements to the software that controls how the trains and the signals communicate with each other. 

For example, the new safety features will automatically make a train slow down and stop if a vehicle is detected stuck on the tracks. 

We hope to receive approval to begin work on the intersections this spring. 

Unfortunately, the signal improvements are more technically complex and rely on other changes being made by the MBTA. The full Quiet Zone may not be complete for over a year. 

We know this is disappointing but the safety of drivers and pedestrians is critical and until these changes are approved and complete, the train horns are the best way to keep everyone safe.