Host a public event in Chelsea

bannerThe City of Chelsea recognizes the contribution of special events such as a festival, charity walk, block party, parade, or concert to the city’s attractiveness for residents, visitors, and businesses.

A Special Event Permit is required to use any type of City-owned property when one or more of the following conditions exit:

  1. The proposed event involves more than 10 people.
  2. The proposed event requires City personnel for road closures, traffic control, crowd control or other safety and logistical support.
  3. Public rights of way are impeded by the event’s activities.
  4. The proposed event requires approval from one or more City departments.
  5. Special circumstances which require (1) multiple uses of public property; (2) assuring the preservation of public property and public places; (3) prevention of dangerous, unlawful, or impermissible uses; and/or (4) protection of safety of personal and property around the event as determined by the City officials.

The application/permit process ensures that the activity meets legal requirements, allows the City to adequately schedule needed public services, and alerts affected neighborhoods and businesses.

The City of Chelsea will review all requests and make a decision to permit the event based on the following consideration:

  • safety of pedestrians and vehicles
  • overall impact of street access and traffic
  • impacts other activities (events, construction) on the date(s) requested
  • number of times a neighborhood has been impacted by events in a one-year period
  • positive benefit(s) to the community
  • availability of City personnel and resources

Applications need to be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event. In the case of a schedule conflict or multiple events impacting a specific neighborhood, priority is given to the City of Chelsea events and to others on a first-come-first-served basis.

Additional Information

New Forms Coming Soon....
  • Paper Application (ENG) | Solicitude en Papel (ES)
  • Special Event Permit Guidelines (ENG) | Guía para obtener Permisos para Eventos Especiales (ES)