Women's Commission

The Chelsea Women’s Commission is an intentional, dedicated space committed to women and girls’ equity and access.

It is the Commission’s intention to respond to the needs of women and girls and assess the status of women. The Commission will offer recommendations to the City Manager and City Council and point towards policies that address the critical needs of Chelsea’s residents.

The Chelsea Women’s Commission will work on the following area:

  • study, review and report on the status of women in the Chelsea;
  • inform leaders of business, education, health care, and local government and the communications media of issues pertaining to women;
  • serve as a liaison between government and the larger community concerning issues affecting women;
  • serve as a clearinghouse for information on issues pertaining to women;
  • identify and recommend qualified women for appointive positions in City government, including boards and commissions, as the commission deems necessary and appropriate;
  • assess programs and practices in all City government as they affect women, as the commission deems necessary and appropriate;
  • promote and facilitate collaboration among Chelsea’s women's commissions and among women's organizations in the state, as the commission deems necessary and appropriate;
  • The commission shall annually, on or before June 2, report the results of its findings and activities of the preceding year and its recommendations to the City Manager and the City Council.
Executive Order
Chelsea Women's Commission Overview


Jenny Melguizo
Emily A. Chadbourne
Xianna Portillo
Lourdes Alvarez Silva
Deborah Washington
Zaida V. Ismatul Oliva
Keila Lorbes

Devon Fields