Lead Service Replacement Program

Lead is very dangerous to human health. For children, lead exposure can cause irreversible and life-long health effects, including affecting IQ, focus, and academic achievement. Drinking water is a potential source of lead in homes. To help protect your family, you can take the following steps:

  • Determine if you have a lead water service in your home.
  • Have your drinking water tested.
  • Have your lead water service replaced.
How do I know if I have lead water pipes in my home? 

The online step-by-step guide helps identify if there are lead pipes bringing water into homes and provides tips on reducing lead exposure in drinking water.

I have lead water pipes. What now?

The City of Chelsea wants everyone to have safe, healthy drinking water. We will replace your lead service line for free! If you believe you have a lead service pipe in your home, contact the Water and Sewer Department to sign up for a free lead service replacement. Call the WSD office at 617-466-4204 or dial 311 (617-466-4209).

Join our annual testing program

The City of Chelsea is looking for residents to join in our annual water testing program to ensure water quality standard are being met. If you are interested in participating by providing water samples from your home for testing, please email Jorman Mota, Assistant City Engineer, at jmota@chelseama.gov or or dial 311 (617-466-4209).