Chelsea Rain Barrel Program

2022 was the fourth driest summer on record. This past summer was the second wettest, with flash flooding in several parts of Chelsea. Too little rain hurts out trees, parks, and gardens. Too much rain can wash dangerous bacteria into the river and ocean making it unsafe to swim or fish. Whether too water or too little, rain barrels can help.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Rain Barrel

  • Rain water can be saved to water gardens in dry times and reduce your water bill.
  • Rain water is a healthy, chlorine and chemical-free water source for plants and gardens
  • Rain barrels help reduce flooding collecting runoff rain from roofs and gutters
  • Rain barrels reduce pollution by capturing water before it runs it combines with the sewer system.

Rain Barrels are available for purchase by residents at the discounted price of $89.00.

How to Order:, Select Town and State
Available Colors: Forest Green, Earth Brown, and Nantucket Grey. Also available unpainted.
Deadline: April 21st, Midnight
Pick-Up: Saturday, May 4th 9:00-11:00 Chelsea City Yard 380 Beacham St, Chelsea MA

About The Great American Rain Barrel:

  • 100% re-purposed, food grade, UV protected and BPA free barrels. Produced in Massachusetts.
  • Most durable rain barrels on the market: 3/16” wall thickness. Screen filtered to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Will last for years when properly drained & stored for winter. Pay for themselves in one year.
  • Several rain barrels can be linked together — easy 5-minute setup.