Trash Collection

When Will Trash Collection Occur on My Street?

Look up your street address to find out when the trash pickup occurs on your street. 

Street Street Numbers Collection Day
Addison St All Wednesday
Admiral's Way All Monday
Albion Place All Wednesday
Annese Road All Friday
Arlington St 32-214 Tuesday
Arlington St 253-256 Wednesday
Ash St All Tuesday
Auburn St All Tuesday
Bassett St All Friday
Beacham St All Tuesday
Beacon Place All Monday
Beacon St All Monday
Beech St All Wednesday
Bell St All Friday
Bellingham Sq All Wednesday
Bellingham St All Wednesday
Bloomingdale St All Wednesday
Blossom St All Wednesday
Boatswain's Way All Monday
Breakwater Cove All Monday
Breakwater Dr All Monday
Broadway 1-122 Monday
Broadway 134-500 Tuesday
Broadway 569-899 Thursday
Broadway 899-End Tuesday
Brook St All Friday
Bryson Road All Wednesday
Burma Road All Friday
Cabot St All Tuesday
Captain's Row All Monday
Carmel St All Wednesday
Carroll St All Tuesday
Carter St 114-210 Tuesday
Carter St 265-432 Wednesday
Cary Ave All Thursday
Cary Sq All Thursday
Central Ave All Wednesday
Charles St All Monday
Cheever St All Friday
Chelsea Sq All Tuesday
Cherry St All Tuesday
Chester Ave All Wednesday
Chestnut St 0-305 Monday
Chestnut St 307-end Tuesday
City Hall Ave All Tuesday
Clark Ave 162-260 Tuesday
Clark Ave 8-154 Thursday
Clinton Ct All Tuesday
Clinton St All Tuesday
Clyde St All Friday
Columbus St All Friday
Commandant's Way All Monday
Congress Ave All Monday
Continental Road All Wednesday
Cook Ave All Friday
Cottage St All Wednesday
County Rd All Friday
Crescent Ave 0-300 Thursday
Crescent Ave 353-427 Tuesday
Crest Ave All Thursday
Cross St All Tuesday
Dartmouth St All Friday
Division St All Monday
Dudley St AllAll Thursday
Eastern Ave 29-80 Wednesday
Eastern Ave 50-311 Thursday
Eastern Ave 345-479 Tuesday
Eastside Ave All Monday
Eden St All Wednesday
Eldridge Place All Monday
Eleanor St All Thursday
Ellsworth St All Monday
Elm St All Tuesday
Englewood Ave All Friday
Essex St All Monday
Eustis St All Friday
Evelyn Road All Friday
Everett Ave All Tuesday
Exeter St All Friday
Fay Sq All Thursday
Fenno St All Friday
Ferry St All Monday
Fifth St All Tuesday
Fitz Terrace All Thursday
Forbes St All Tuesday
Forsythe St All Thursday
Fourth St 0-14 Monday
Fourth St 15-159 Tuesday
Franklin Ave All Thursday
Franklin St All Friday
Fremont Ave All Friday
Front St All Monday
Gardner St All Thursday
Garfield Ave All Friday
Garland St All Friday
George St All Thursday
Gerrish Ave All Thursday
Gillooly Road All Tuesday
Grandview Road All Friday
Green St All Thursday
Griffin Way All Thursday
Grove St All Thursday
Guam Road All Friday
Hancock St All Friday
Harvard St All Friday
Hawthorne Ave All Monday
Hawthorne Court All Monday
Hawthorne Place All Monday
Hawthorne St All Monday
Heard St All Wednesday
High St All Monday
Highland St 0-83 Monday
Highland St 85-157 Wednesday
Highland St 209-230 Thursday
Hillside Ave All Thursday
Hooper St All Tuesday
Hooten Way All Friday
Howell Court All Monday
Hy-sil Ave All Friday
Ingleside Ave All Friday
Jefferson Ave All Thursday
John St All Thursday
Jones Ave All Friday
Justin Drive All Monday
Kimball Road All Friday
Lafayette Ave All Thursday
Lambert Ave All Friday
Lash St All Friday
Laurel St All Friday
Lawndale Ave All Friday
Lawrence St All Thursday
Library St All Thursday
Lisa Ln All Tuesday
Locke St All Thursday
Locust St All Tuesday
Louis St All Tuesday
Luther Place All Tuesday
Lynn St All Wednesday
Lynn St Ext All Monday
Lyons Sq All Friday
Madison Ave All Friday
Maple St All Tuesday
Marginal St All Monday
Market St All Tuesday
Marlborough St All Thursday
Maverick St All Monday
Meadow Road All Friday
Medford St All Monday
Merritt Road All Thursday
Mill Court All Tuesday
Miller St All Monday
Mulberry St All Monday
Murray St All Friday
Nichols St All Friday
Normandy Road All Friday
Orange St All Wednesday
Overlea All Friday
Palmer Court All Friday
Palmer St All Friday
Park Square All Monday
Park St All Monday
Parker St All Thursday
Parkway Court All Thursday
Pearl St All Monday
Pembroke St All Monday
Perkins Road All Friday
Pine St All Monday
Poplar St All Monday
Prescott Ave All Thursday
Prospect Ave All Friday
Revere Beach Parkway All Friday
Reynolds Ave All Friday
Sagamore Ave All Friday
Saipan Road All Friday
School St All Monday
Second St All Tuesday
Shawmut Place All Monday
Shawmut Street 24-90 Monday
Shawmut Street 94-164 Wednesday
Shurtleff St 15-107 Monday
Shurtleff St 111-221 Wednesday
Silk St All Thursday
Sixth St 0-46 Monday
Sixth St 63-155 Wednesday
Spencer Ave 11-182 Thursday
Spencer Ave 186-256 Tuesday
Springvale Ave All Friday
Springvale Court All Friday
Spruce St 42-200 Tuesday
Spruce St 231-339 Wednesday
Staffiery Road All Friday
Stockton St All Tuesday
Sturgis St All Thursday
Suffolk St All Monday
Summit Ave All Thursday
Third St All Tuesday
Tremont St All Monday
Tudor St All Thursday
Union St All Friday
Vale St All Tuesday
Vernon St All Thursday
Vila St All Thursday
Walnut St 1-150 Tuesday
Walnut St 151-241 Monday
Warren Ave All Thursday
Washburn St All Tuesday
Washington Ave 1-332 Tuesday
Washington Ave 350-end Friday
Watts St All Wednesday
Webster Ave 8-118 Tuesday
Webster Ave 132-245 Thursday
Webster Court All Thursday
Wesley St All Friday
Wharf St All Monday
Willard St All Thursday
Williams St 0-83 Monday
Williams St 88-253 Tuesday
Willoughby St All Thursday
Willow St 31-60 Monday
Willow St 72-127 Wednesday
Winnisimmet St All Monday
Winthrop Road All Friday
Woodlawn Ave All Friday