White Goods

White Goods (TVs and Appliances etc)

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Waste Bans Regulations prohibit disposal of large metal appliances. Below is a list of the common household metal appliances/items prohibited from regular trash disposal by 310 CMR 19.017. Residents must purchase asticker at City Hall Customer Service & Collections Department (Room 213) and said sticker must be placed on each item to be collected. To purchase a sticker, please see the Fees Schedule. All doors on large appliances should be removed and placed on the sidewalk of your property before 7:00 AM on the day of trash pickup.

  1. Air Conditioners
  2. Refrigerators
  3. Freezers
  4. Washers
  5. Dryers
  6. Ovens
  7. Dishwashers
  8. Stoves
  9. Hot Water Heaters
  10. CRTs 
  11. TVs
  12. Computer Monitors
Check out local thrift stores as they may accept these items.