Disposal Regulations

Information About the Massachusetts Waste Ban Regulations

Waste Bans are prohibitions on the disposal and transfer for disposal of certain toxic and/or recyclable items. Some common waste items are recyclable and therefore prohibited from regular trash disposal by 310 CMR 19.017. Contact Public Works a call if you have any questions at 617-466-4200.

Common Items Where should they go?
Glass bottles and jars (learn more) Recycling Bin
Drinking glasses, windows, windshields, and ceramics   Trash Bin
Aluminum products, such as soda cans and food containers (learn more) Recycling Bin 

Plastic bottles or containers with a recycling logo on the bottom (learn more) Recycling Bin 

Paper such as newspaper, loose papers, cardboard, and paperboard products Recycling Bin 

Paper plates and cups and wax-coated paper products 

Trash Bin
Grass, garden wastes, and more (learn more) See Yard Waste Schedule
Car tires and car batteries   See Instruction
White appliances, such as televisions and refrigerators 

See Instruction

Construction waste, including asphalt, brick, metal, and more Find a recycling facility near you