Billing & Fees

Trash Fees & Removal Fees for Larger Items

Last updated October 2, 2023

Please be advised the City does not provide trash and recycling services to commercial properties other than mixed-use buildings. Commercial properties must contract with a City-approved waste hauler. Residential properties with more than 8 units must contract with a City-approved waste hauler. Property owners may contract with a City-approved waste hauler for any of the above services. 

You can download a PDF copy for your record.

Category (Building Type or Usage) FY23 Fee ($/month)

FY23 Fee ($/year)

FY24 Fee ($/month)

FY24 Fee ($/year)


Owner-occupied Unit No charge

No charge

No charge

No charge


Residential Property (up to 8 Units) $38.65





Commercial Unit in Mixed-use Building $182.33





Churches, Schools, and Non-profits $91.17





*Beginning November 1st, 2022, mattresses and textiles will be banned from regular trash disposal.*
See: Mattress Recycling for details.
Wrap your mattress and spring box in plastic to avoid the spread of bed bugs. Items not wrapped in plastic will not be collected, and you may be issued a violation citation.

White Goods Stickers

The following items will only be collected through the White Goods program. To dispose, residents must purchase a sticker ($25.00 for each item) at the Treasurer's Office at Chelsea City Hall Room #213. Sticker must be on item for pick up.

  1. Televisions
  2. Computer monitors (rest of computer is acceptable for trash)
  3. Air Conditioners
  4. Refrigerators
  5. Freezers
  6. Washer & dryers
  7. Dishwashers
  8. Ovens
  9. Stoves
  10. Hot water heaters / water tank