5G Wireless

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Application Procedures

Authorization, in the form of an approved Grant of Location, is required whenever an Applicant wishes to gain ongoing access to rights of way in the City of Chelsea for the purpose of siting, placing, constructing or modifying a Small Wireless Facility or Structure as these terms are defined in 47 CFR 1.6002. Attached is an Application Form. It is part of an Application Package. You will need to submit a completed Application Package (see above PDFs) to the City of Chelsea Department of Public Works Office, Room 310, located at Chelsea City Hall, 500 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150.

The Application Package is not complete unless it includes all of the following:

1. A check or money order made payable to the City of Chelsea for the onetime application fee. For each “small wireless facility”, the fee is $100.00. For each “structure” (like a pole), the fee is $1,000.00.

2.  A Check or money order made payable to the City of Chelsea in the amount of $100.00 for the advertising fee associated with a public hearing for grant of location. 

3. A completed, signed, Application for a Grant of Location and Request for Authorization to Place, Construct, or Modify Small Wireless Facilities or Structures within the Public Right of Way. This Application must include, 3 copies of the following:

  1. Plan or Plans describing in detail each and every small wireless facility or structure for which authorization is sought. At a minimum, Plans must include: 
    1. Type of Equipment;
    2. Specifications of Equipment (including but not limited to dimensions and weight);
    3. Power source or sources for equipment, including necessary wires, cables, and conduit, distance and direction from the power sources, and maps of any proposed excavation, and extent of excavation needed;
    4. Rendering, image and/or elevation of equipment
  2. A detailed map in a digital format with exact locations and pole numbers, where applicable, for each and every proposed structure and/or personal wireless facility; all buildings, driveways, on the site and within fifty feet of the property line. C. Certification by a registered Professional Engineer that the proposed personal wireless facility will be safely supported by the proposed siting.
  3. Certification by a registered Professional Engineer that the proposed personal wireless facility will be safely supported by the proposed siting.

4. By signing their Application, the Applicant understands and agrees as follows:
i. To avoid siting of Installations in front of designated historic structures, landmarks, parks or impacting view corridor to major natural, cultural, or historic resources;
ii. Installations shall not be placed within 6 feet of a window, door opening, porch, or balcony of a residence, church, or historic building;
iii. Where the City has planned a redevelopment or change to a street, sidewalk, square or other area of the City, Applicant shall remove their Installation at their own cost within 60 days of notice by the City, and reapply to reinstall their Installation in a different location upon the City’s redevelopment or change to such area;
iv. Applicants seeking proposed Installations must consider other optional siting locations to avoid placing Installations in front of storefront windows, primary entrances, and exits, in front of primary walkways or area in such a manner that would hinder service to the building or delivery; or block site distances or vehicles entering or exiting the property;
v. Any installation at the site of an existing monopole tower or utility pole shall not extend the overall height of the tower or pole to more than 50 feet high or by more than 10% of the existing pole height, whichever is less;
vi. In residential zoning districts, top mounted antennas on Installations shall not increase the height of the existing pole by more than 5 feet.
vii. No Installation shall be higher than 50 feet or more than 10% higher than other adjacent poles, whichever is less;
viii. Equipment cabinets shall be pole mounted at least 10 feet above the ground on Installations which are less than 25 feet high, or at least 12 feet above the ground on Installations which are greater than 25 feet high;
ix. Pole mounted equipment cabinets shall not be mounted on the street side of the Installation;
x. Equipment facilitating wireless communications that does not exceed five feet above the height of the existing structure or building may be attached to an existing building or structure or to an existing wireless facility as of right, provided that approval in the form of an Order for Grant of Location is obtained from the Director of the Department of Public Works or his designee;
xi. Equipment, preferably matching the color and characteristics of the structure to which it is attached, may be placed upon or inside existing buildings or structures including water tanks and towers, church spires, electrical transmission lines and the like, provided the equipment height shall not exceed five feet above the height of the existing structure of building;
xii. To the extent any of the foregoing requirements is, in the estimation of the Applicant, impossible or otherwise works to effectively prohibit Applicant’s provision of wireless telecommunications, Applicant shall produce documentation establishing such impossibility or prohibition; and
xiii. Compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

5. Applicant is responsible for Notice to all abutting property owners/residences.

6. Applicant is on Notice that the attached Sample Licensing Agreement shall be executed prior to obtaining building permit to install, repair, replace and/or maintain small wireless facilities or structures.

7. If your Application involves installation of a structure that is located anywhere other than the location of an existing structure or involves replacement of a structure with a new structure that is not of the same kind and quality, then you must, in addition to the foregoing, submit to the Planning Department an Application for Special Permit.

8. In all cases, the Applicant must file a Building Permit Application with Inspectional Services.