Monkeypox Information

General Public Information - Monkeypox

What are symptoms of Monkeypox?
Monkeypox can make you sick including a rash or sores (pox), often with an earlier flu-like illness.
Should I be concerned about Monkeypox infecting myself or my community?
Monkeypox is rare and does not spread easily between people without close contact. According to the CDC, the threat of monkeypox to the general U.S. population remains low.
How can I help prevent the spread of Monkeypox?
Avoid contact with wild or exotic animals that could harbor the virus, including contact with fomites such as bedding. Practice good hand hygiene and use PPE when in contact with symptomatic individuals.
Is there treatment available for those infected with Monkeypox?
If a person is in contact with or develops symptoms, treatment options are available for eligible individuals (JYNNEOS vaccine (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex), Tpoxx anti-viral).
Why is this Monkeypox outbreak a big deal?
Prior to the 2022 outbreak, nearly all monkeypox cases in people outside of Africa were linked to international travel to countries where the disease commonly occurs, or through imported animals.
Will this affect my upcoming summer vacation plans?
If you are considering international travel, see CDC’s Travel Recommendations by Destination to make an informed decision about your travels.
If I'm concerned that I've been exposed or developing symptoms, who should I contact?
Contact your medical provider and/or your local public health department.