The Parking Department is located in the City Clerk's Office.  Our department enforces parking and traffic regulations through road signage, parking meters and other methods.  On this page, you will find parking-related information, including the application for a parking permit, to pay your parking ticket, and the parking appeal form. The Traffic and Parking Commission provides guidance for the rules and regulations. 

For more information for parking-related information on this page, including the application for a parking permit, the parking appeal form and parking maps, please scroll to the bottom of this page.  

Please note, our online payment portal for parking tickets can accept payment for all  or select outstanding tickets. You may also do so in person (with cash or check) or by mail (with check only) to the Treasurer's Office, 500 Broadway Room 213, Chelsea, MA 02150. If you have tickets marked at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and require clearance for Non-Renewal, you must contact the Treasurer's Office at 617-466-4240 with your driver's license information to obtain all outstanding balances in regards to parking tickets and/or excise. 

Please Note: DOXO is NOT Affiliated with the City of Chelsea for Online Bill Payment.
All customers are hereby advised that the bill-paying services provided by DOXO are not endorsed by the City, nor can the City accept any responsibility for transactions conducted through DOXO.  The City of Chelsea has no contract or affiliation with this company. 

To report a broken meter, please contact our office at 617-466-4052.  

To review the Street Sweeping schedule, click here

For general questions or inquires, please email us at

To apply for a residential parking sticker or visitor parking pass, click here

For issues regarding your payment, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 617-466-4240. 

To appeal your parking ticket, click here.

For information regarding the Traffic and Parking Commission, click here.

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Phone: 617-466-4054
Fax: 617-466-4059

City Clerk's Office, Room 209
500 Broadway
Chelsea, MA 02150
United States
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  • Parking Permit/Visitor Pass Application (in person or by mail)
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  • Parking Ticket (To pay or appeal online)
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  • Parking Hearing Appeal Form
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  • Residential Parking Program Street Listing of Restricted Parking Zones
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  • New Transit Restricted Parking Zones by Map
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  • Downtown Meter Parking Map as of 2019
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  • Traffic and Parking Regulations
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  • Snow Operations
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  • Traffic and Parking Commission
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