Taxpayer Forms

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FY25 Residential Exemption Application

Income and Expense Data (Form 38D)

Income and Expense Data (Form 38D)

Personal Property

FY2024 Form of List
The form must be filed by March 1, 2023 unless an extension is granted by the Board of Assessors.

General Information

Change of Address


FY2024 Community Preservation Act Abatement Application (CPA)
FY2024 Real Estate and Personal Property Abatement Application

Statutory Exemptions

Statutory Exemptions Applications
Statutory Exemption Guides

Charitable Organizations

Filing requirements for Exempt Organizations
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Exempt Property Filing Requirements 

  1. First time filing must submit Form 1B3 Application for Statutory Exemption to the State of Massachusetts. 
  2. State Tax Form 3ABC due by March 1 (we mail a copy of this as a courtesy each year) 
  3. Copy of the organization’s most recent annual report (Form PC) to the Public Charities Division of the Office of the Attorney General 
  4. Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax 
  5. Income and Expense Information (including income from rentals, antenna or other)

The Board of Assessors may need to inspect the property and ask for additional information at that time to verify charitable status.
3ABC form for Charitable Organizations
Upload file: State Tax Form 3ABC

General Information

Who Must File

This property return (State Tax Form 3ABC) must be filed each year by all charitable, benevolent, educational, literary, temperance or scientific organizations and trusts owning real or personal property on January 1 in order to receive a local tax exemption on that property under G.L. c. 59, § 5 Clause 3 for the fiscal year that begins next July 1. Veteran organizations seeking exemption of real or personal property under G.L. c. 59, § 5 Clauses 5, 5A, 5B or 5C must also file this return.

When and Where Returns Must be Filed

A separate return must be filed on or before March 1 with the board of assessors of each city or town in which the organization owns the real or personal property. A return is filed when received by the assessors.

Filing Extension

The board of assessors may extend the filing deadline if the organization makes a written request and can show a sufficient reason for not filing on time. The latest filing deadline can be extended is the last day for applying for abatement of the tax for the fiscal year to which the filing relates.