Parking Permit Application


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To apply or renew your parking permit by mail/in person, please mail/bring a completed application to the Office of the Parking Clerk, City Hall, 500 Broadway, Room 209, Chelsea, MA 02150. We encourage you to check out the FAQs before you start.

Please be advised you will need the following information ready to complete your application. This article is also available in Spanish.

  1. License Plate Number.
  2. Your Vehicle Make (Example: Honda).
  3. Your Vehicle Model (Example: Civic) .
  4. A current and valid certificate of registration for the vehicle listing the address of the applicant and that the vehicle is garaged in Chelsea.
  5. A current driver’s license, other identification issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, utility bill, or any other documentation deemed acceptable by the Parking Clerk which lists the residential address of the applicant in Chelsea.